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BBQ chicken wings
BBQ chicken wings 5th Range
"warm up and ready"
Marinated chicken wings, 'moruno'
HOLLYWOOD chicken wings
TEX MEX chicken lollipops
Marinated chicken thigh cubes
Marinated turkey thigh cubes
Marinated pork leg cubes
Turkey thigh meat chunks
"only fresh"
Chicken thigh 'ribs'
Marinated chicken breast fillet
Marinated chicken breast inner fillet, 'moruno'
Turkey leg cutlets
"only fresh"
 Natural brochettes
Chicken brochette 20g
Chicken brochette 60g
Chicken brochette 100g
Turkey brochette 20g
Turkey brochette 60g
Turkey brochette 100g
Pork brochette 20g
Pork brochette 60g
Pork brochette 100g
YAKITORI chicken brochette 40g
YAKITORI turkey brochette 40g
YAKITORI pork brochette 40g
 Marinated brochettes
Marinated chicken brochette, 'moruno' 20g
Marinated chicken brochette, 'moruno' 60g
Marinated chicken brochette, 'moruno' 100g
Marinated pork brochette, 'moruno' 20g
Marinated pork brochette, 'moruno' 60g
Marinated pork brochette, 'moruno' 100g
 Nuggets & Bites
Breaded chicken breast bites (whole muscle)
Breaded chicken breast nuggets (whole muscle)
Breaded chicken nuggets
Breaded chicken breast mini bites (whole muscle)
Breaded chicken breast fingers (whole muscle)
Special breaded chicken breast fingers (whole muscle)
 Breast stuffed
Cordon bleu
Cordon Bleu stuffed with turnip greens and smoked cheese
Mini cordon bleu
 Breaded chicken breast & Steak
Breaded chicken breast fillet
Breaded lemon chicken breast
Special breaded chicken breast
Breaded marinated chicken breast fillet
Breaded chicken thigh fillet
Special breaded chicken thigh fillet
Breaded chicken breast inner fillet
Breaded chicken burgers
Chicken croquettes
Chicken burger 80g
Chicken burger 100g
Chicken burger 180g
Mini chicken burger
Spinach&chicken burger 80g
 Chicken thighs, Rôtis and Chicken stuffed
Chicken thighs stuffed with ham and cheese
Chicken thighs stuffed with raisins and pine nuts
Chicken roti 900g
Chicken roti 2kg
Turkey roti 900g
Turkey roti 2kg
Chicken stuffed with dates and chestnuts
Christmas special chicken
Chicken lasagna
Mixed meatballs
Chicken and peppers
 Whole birds 
 Egg Porducts 
 Value Added 
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